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Limited Access 8 “Noise vs. Noise”

Limited Access Festival - 8; 2019

Limited Access 8: “Noise Vs. Noise”

About Limited Access Festival:

Ten years ago, a small project space in Tehran called Parkingallery, had founded an independent festival for video, sound, and performance: Limited Access since 2007 have featured many prominent and upcoming artists from Iran and the world.  The festival invites guest curators and collaborates with various institutions and archives in various geographies throughout the activity in the past years to fulfill its mission to reduce the gap between various field and promote interdisciplinary practices…
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In the eight edition of the festival (Limited Access 8), negotiations were made among a number of curators, namely Amirali Ghasemi as the Founding Curator, and our Founder-member Soheil Soheili, and our by-then new member Dr. Golbon Moltaji as the coordinator/ curator for the visuals to organize a series of live performances that took nearly a week, (considering a day with only an artist-talk).

Noise vs. Noise is the motto; series of A/V performances to present some of our collaborating artists during Limited Access, Artists who are usually from various backgrounds and possess different experiences to share.

At the same time, the Animation section of the festival was curated by Mehdi Shiri, Niloufar Naderi, Maryam Katan, Nairy Eivazi; thanks to Bahar Ahmadifar, Alireza Mohseni and Ramona Rahimi for the translation of textual. visual documentations and a lot more artists who helped for the organization and support of the festival: Nebras Hoveizavi –  Arousha Moshtagh –  Sarah Anvaari – Koosha Moosvai – Alireza Mohammadi  – Ava Sanayei – Farzaneh Kamali. Also, special Thanks are to be made to: Arman Moghaddam, Saman Khosravi from Varsho Studio and Ahmad Torkaman in Markof Studio for their help and support.

Program schedule below:

Noise A Noise in the Limited Access Festival
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