Against all odds, discriminations, wars, killings and whatever unjust.

Noise à Noise 21.3

Vol.3, Ed. 3.

Noise à Noise 201.3 (Compilation Album)
Noise à Noise Records (Experimental/ Contemporary/  Noise)
October 10th, 2021.
“The Noise is Now!”

‘Noise à Noise’ is announcing its third quarterly compilation album release, the third quarterly in the third year of the activity (Vol. 3., Ed. 3.). This end-of-summer compilation holds pieces from contemporary and experimental music artists from, in spite of few international artists and friends of this collective across the globe.

Noise a Noise is an independent label and community for experimental and noise music artists, especially for those who have a bond with the culture or in general to the art-scene in Iran. We promote artistic music, and it is mostly associated with the experimental and avant-garde movements.

This single-disk album comes in digital media, and is scheduled to be primarily on Bandcamp and the release date is on October, 10th, 2021. Please note that there would be a pre-release on Bandcamp and on Soundcloud (only excerpts) from a day before and the worldwide release comes on major online music distribution platforms. A limited number of editions comes on tape cassettes and will be available to those who ask for the very first copies. Being an independent label, we barely had excess resources to spend on advertisement, so we want to ask you to promote us among your circles.

Artist Line-up includes:
Amirali Ghasemi (IR), Bahar Taheri (IR/ US), Ghodsea (IR), Mohammad Golabi (IR/ US), P01ntl335 (IR), Ryeshta (RU), Sam Eyvaz (IR/ DE), Soheil Soheili (IR), Vesal Javaheri (IR).

The production partners are Studio A Tehran (post-production), Arman Moghadam as the visual code-developer and Ramin Ashtari for the graphic design, and his contribution to the website, the whole album is compiled and mastered by Soheil Soheili.


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