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Spring 2019 Submission deadline is extended!

Deadline is extended

Dear artists,

Thanks for your participation in the 2nd open-call, although quantity is none of our goals in the first place, we have received an overall lesser number of submissions for this set, perhaps because of the new years eve days in Iran; now, after receiving many requests for extending the submission deadline for 12 days, we can barely refuse it, wish you a nice year.

The submission-deadline for the 2nd “Noise A Noise” various-artists compilation album is extended until the end of March, 2019.

To submit simply go to this google-form link,or read the concepts and terms before you sign (this post https://www.noiseanoise.ir/second-open-call/)

We also have a team of professional mix and mastering engineers who work as freelancers and can help those of you who are less experienced with the mastering techniques.

Happy Norooz.

Debut Compilation Album

Thanks to the artists who have participated in this open-call, we have received a number of 20 submissions that is indeed a considerable number for such subjects. As the title indicates, artists who have submitted their works for this compilation album are now a part of this collective and will have their own benefits, regardless of their royalties from the sale and streaming of their songs in the album. The downloadable (on Bandcamp for 7 dollars) and Physical (from Amazon on-demand for 7.9) will also be available along with free streaming websites like Spotify and iTunes.

Here is the list of artists who have successfully submitted their works for the release scheduled in January 2019 (in the alphabetical order):

1. Aruman
2. Bernisaun
3. Bijan Mousavi
4. Jakub Rataj 
5. Kasra 4k7
6. Kaveh Shams
7. Leonie Roessler (and Dirar Kalash)
8. Limen (Nariman Aliakbar)
9. Magicmind
10. Nyctallz
12. Parsa Hadavi 
13. Sepehr Sa
14. Sina Shoaie
15. Soheil Soheili
16. Sohrab Motabar
17. XSIX
18. Yellow Cream
19. Zhoobin Askarieh