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Noise à Noise 21.4

Noise à Noise 21.4 (Compilation Album).
Noise à Noise Records (Experimental/ Noise/ Contemporary)
Bandcamp Release date: January 7th, 2022.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times!”

Noise à Noise is by definition a truly independent and artist-run label and community for experimental and noise music artists, especially for those who have a bond with culture or in general to the art-scene in Iran, with no official supporters but a small circle of artists.

We are now announcing the pre-release of our last quarterly compilation album for 2021 in its last moments. This album is a part of a series of similar sets that has hosted artistic experimental music since January in 2019. It includes both experimental electronic and contemporary classical music. A wide range of academically trained professionals to experimental musicians have contributed to this collection.

Alike many more aspects of human lives that has changed, during the global COVID-19 pandemic condition – and a subsequent shift in the viewpoint of people – some factors both damaged or benefited the music industry; because it both cancelled a considerable amount of performances but also paved the way for many more activities like productions as a certain date for end of quarantines became uncertain, and people decided to stay home, we are grateful of everyone who have already shared the material to spread the word, yet we find it a great opportunity to stay in focus to stay in touch with artists, and do more work to present to you amazing people who follow this movement.

This compilation is produced during the fall of 2021, the pre-order on Bandcamp ends on January 7th, 2022. Don’t forget to support or to spread the word you!

Artist line-up is: Arshan Najafi (IR), Amin Shirazi (IR), Babak Sepanta (IR), Farzan Salsabili (IR), Kian Hossein (IR), Mahbod Shirvani (IR), N3V0 (IR), Saturn Cube (IR), Shaker (IR), Vladan Kuzmanović (CS).

Our production partners are Arman Moghadam, our visual designer and ‘Studio A Tehran’ (for the post-production) in addition to the Contemporary Music Magazine in Tehran.

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