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Noise à Noise 20.4-1 (Disk 1)

NàN 20.4-1

Noise à Noise 20.4-1 (Compilation Album-Disk 1)
Release date: December 31st, 2020.



We are wishing everyone a fantastic 2021 and presenting the end of the year compilation album(s) for the season of fall, which would be the last compilation in 2020.  These quarterly albums have hosted artistic experimental music since 2019, keeping the track with a focus on subjects like music composition, sound design and other expressive variables that are present within the context of noise along with some interview podcasts with the artists. 

This double-disk album is scheduled for a simultaneous release on December 31st, at the very last days of the second decade in the 21st century. Please note that there would be a pre-release on Bandcamp and on Soundcloud (only excerpts) from a day before and the worldwide release comes on iTunes, Spotify, Facebook and similar online music distribution platforms. 

Production partners are Studio A Tehran (for the post-production) and Arman Moghadam who have been developing generative patterns for the cover art since the first series.

The artist lineup includes:
AliShasa (IR), Arshan Najafi (IR), Babak Sepanta (IR), C-drík (DE), Ibukun Sunday (NI), Leonie Roessler (NL), Mehdi Behbudi (IR), Mehdi Boroosan (IR), Noises By Mehr (IR),  Nyctalllz (IR), Ouranoise (EC) , Parsa Shomali (IR),  Rhonchus (IR), Saturn Cube (IR), Saeed Ramezanpour (IR), Sepersa (IR), Silo Portem (SC), Stefan Tiefengraber (AT), Takcharkh (IR), Zhoobin Askarieh (IR).

Noise à Noise · Noise a Noise 20.4-1




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