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Open-Call 02: Extended Deadline

Noise à Noise 19.2: Extended Deadline - Artwork by Arman Moghadam

Open-Call 02: Extended Deadline

Dear artists,
Thanks for your participation in the 2nd open-call; especially after the release of “Noise a Noise 19” we want to thank you because of sending us a considerable amount of quality music, and to tell tell everyone that we have extended the deadline for approximately two-weeks (12-days; until the end of March in 2019).

The submission-deadline for the 2nd “Noise à Noise” various-artists compilation album is extended until the end of March, 2019.

We call for attention and participation in a community to develop among people who can help filling the gaps between artistic experimental music and those with academic origins. There is going to be focus on notation and to persuade or to prioritize Electroacoustic music throughout the next series of open-calls.

To submit simply go to this google-form link, or read to read about the concepts and terms before you sign for Open-Call 02: Extended Deadline Here .

We also have a team of professional mix and mastering engineers who work as freelancers and can help those of you who are less experienced with the mastering techniques.

Wish you a nice year.

Happy Norooz.



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