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RDKPL – Music for Black Sine Wave

Only a few musicians or avid listeners of noise music across the globe may have not been familiar with the reputable ‘RDKPL’ project. RDKPL is the pseudonym for the creative and pioneering artist from the Czech Republic who is among the originators of harsh noise music. He has yet been associated, best said, actively participating with a large number of 748 important and influential music projects. He is also known as one of the musicians who have made the most impact on the works of musicians on the next generation. Post-Orientalism and Noise à Noise community are honored to announce the release of ‘Music for the Black Sine Wave”' by RDKPL as we are close to hear its mastering, and as it is placed to be released during the next months. This is a great honor to announce his presence on the anniversary of the establishment of Post-Orientalism community and his contribution in the “Music For the Black Sine Wave” which is a mutual international project, therefore we want to express how grateful we are for all of his guidances and the immense prosperity that he shown. On September 1st 2023, Noise à Noise is going to unveil the first collaboration between ‘Ehsan Saboohi’ and ‘RDKPL’ across the online music distribution platforms. A release which is also going to be ready on the physical media in Germany, Iran, and more countries. This album is an electronic arrangement of Saboohi’s recent thoughts and theories, as the ‘Post-Orientalism music composer and theorist” in collaboration with “RDKPL” the prominent Czech electronic musician and one of the originators of the ‘Harsh Noise Music’. More information is to be posted on our official pages in the form of updates. -End of the news August 10th, 2023

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