"Chaos" by Vesal Javaheri is being released on Bandcamp.


Noise a Noise

“Noise à Noise”

What [is this about]?
It is an open-community and a Tehran-based, independent, artist-run record label with the same title (since 2019) for experimental and noise music artists from Iran, or those who have a bond with this culture or the art-scene. Indeed, it prioritizes and values meaningful intercultural activities and approaches to theory and art. 

The idea of starting this community sparked during a series of translation projects on the subject concerning sound theory (circa. Jan. 2019) and then developed with studies on Soundscapes in Tehran and the use of the archive. The primary ideas follow a counterpoint approach concept, to be used with any medium, not a certain sub-genre in music and pretty slippery to define; it usually includes the use of noise-elements as the building material, in the service of composition, but certainly not the only approach. 

2022 so far:

Vesal Javaheri – Chaos

Noise à Noise is proudly presenting “Chaos” (album) by Vesal Javaheri. It is the debut album by the artist, a pure electronic music album. The digital downloads will be available via Bandcamp on June 9th, also excerpts are to be available on soundcloud prior to the release on all music distribution platforms. Unfortunately it is Read more…


2022 Kian Hossein non-

Kian Hossein – non-

‘Noise à Noise’ is proudly presenting the debut solo album by Kian Hossein. The conception and production for “Non-“ started in 2019, it was a solo study project on prolongation and persistence of the various capabilities of sound using the piano as the only instrument on the list, in addition to an intricate set of Read more…


Kamyar Behbahani and Karim Ebrahimi

Metamorphosis Behind The Curtains Of Time by Kamyar Behbahani and Karim Ebrahimi

“Metamorphosis Behind the Curtains of Time” by Kamyar Behbahani and Karim Ebrahimi. is the debut EP release by the duo, this record includes heavily constructed layers of sound using the sound processing on Tombak along with the electronic sounds. Tombak is the percussive music instrument which is widely used in the traditional music of Iran. Read more…

Dream House Ensemble - Themes And Variations

Dream House Ensemble – Themes And Variations

“Themes And Variations” by Dream House Ensemble will be published by Independent label Noise à Noise. Digital release and the pre-order will start on 21:00 (GMT +03:30 Tehran) Thursday February, 2022 on Bandcamp, along with a preview on Soundcloud. Also, people who are interested have a duration of a month to order their physical copies Read more…


All from 2021:

Here is the very recent outcome of the process for the quarterly compilations, (in two disks for the Spring-Fall compilation in 2021). Thanks to Spectro Centre some of the pieces from this collection (fixed-media) are now being performed during the second general assembly of CIME in 2021 (Read more here).

This double-disk compilation album is a part of a series of quarterly sets that has hosted artistic experimental music since January in 2019. The first disk features contemporary classical music,
Noise à Noise 21.2-1
This double-disk compilation album is a part of a series of quarterly sets that has hosted artistic experimental music since January in 2019.the second is dedicated to experimental [electronic] music.
Noise à Noise 21.2-2


Of course, we can always listen to one of the special compilations for the end-of-winter in 2021, “Noise à Noise 21.1“: this collection. indeed includes and holds the pieces by brilliant and talented Iranian female composers in this album (apart from an essential German-Japanese duo).


How [and Why]?

This open-community also aims to fill certain gaps between academic music and nowaday-prevalent use of digital media and the ease in the process for producing electronic music; this involves having close contact with the academic sector and the [rather local] live acts. Most recently [since 2020] adopting a focus on subjects like Composition or certain preferred techniques or measures for inscribing music scores [with more developed contemporary notations for either, or music, video, light.] in a way that can be easily understood and performed by trained performers in the absence of its author whenever it is demanded for a performance on the stage.

Noise music spans over a wide range of ideas and concepts while there a handful of serious practitioners and many unexplored territories to discover. The rich philosophy behind as the term and the ambiguity of its border leaves the definition open for interpretation. The noise as a concept or an entity is an area seeking for in-depth research and a considerable amount of effort is needed to be dedicated to establishing a sonic dialog among its makers and creators across the fields.

This label also considers the artists as the true legal owners of their works and cares about raising awareness of certain copyright rules and regulations for the artists, while copyrighting their pieces. This demands the use of essential literature and jargon [accurate translations].

We look forward to establish a meaningful intercultural relationship across countries and continents, most notably workshops and plans for one-to-one instruction residency programs. This community has a more of a scientific-research nature and tries to act as a platform for creative artists by presenting services like developing opportunities for releasing and performing the works of the art. This category includes Iranian artists/ researchers or those who are in a way connected  to the community of Iranian experimental musicians and they are either interested to or have performed and developed pieces in relation to the people and culture in Iran, this of course includes, in the terms of sub-genre to a comparatively large scope between Contemporary/ Modern classical music and Ambient music to styles like Harsh Noise and Rhythmic Noise along with the tag words like field recording or sound collage.

When? and Who?

We are now proud to host a number of sound-artists, enthusiasts, also established musicians and who are interested to receive label support [on the administrative level] which will indeed happen by simplifying the whole procedure for those active artists who are either practice such works of the art, or they are going to dedicate parts of their future career to an activity in a similar fiend, which [considering different origins of experimental and contemporary music with the mainstream media], usually involves studying in similar disciplines of art or science. 

Our team includes a few individuals and a limited independent and like-minded (in the terms of aesthetic concerns), who help with the planning and execution of events. Our head/ director board includes directors for making decisions or taking action for aesthetic, or technical concerns.

Yet, we have published a set of separate albums and EPs in addition to the compilation series; these first sets include the valuable pieces, including the works of Field-recording and compositions with the Soundscapes of Tehran and other cities of Tehran by Leonie Roessler, Alireza Amirhajebi’s Modern music album (Discrete Movements No.1: An interpretation of John Cage together with Zhoobin Askarieh‘s collaboration albums and as the end of 2022, and regardless of all the negative impacts on human lives during the outspread of COVID-19, we hopefully made it to published more than 15 compilation albums so far (quarterly since 2019, double disk albums for some seasons).