“Noise À Noise” is an artist-run label in Tehran for emerging noise artists across the globe. This collective is a place for all of the musicians and sound artists who intent to explore beyond the boundaries of limitations in the world of tonal/ atonal music. The label acts as a hub for creative artists and a link between the managers to release their songs, form collaborations and perform live, accessing mastering studios and to write about their works.
Noise music is one of the most controversial subjects in the context of sound, with a few of artists and many boundaries to discover and the rich philosophy behind, the term itself is the most undecided and open, it demands a lot of consideration and research, so that we hope to also collaborate a number of researchers and translators that can help us improve the general literacy on the subject.

This website aims to bring up ideas on this subjects and as a portal for the artists who want to submit their works for digital distribution and to to perform live shows.

Best regards,
Noise À Noise team,