And now the "Noise a Noise 19.4" is on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify



“Noise À Noise” is an online independent record label and community for emerging noise artists across the globe (on the internet); the idea of starting this small community started during series of cultural research projects in Tehran (January 2019). This collective is a place for all of the musicians and sound artists who intend to explore beyond the boundaries of limitations in the world of traditionally treated music. The label acts as a hub for creative artists and a link between the managers to release their songs, form collaborations and perform live, accessing mastering studios and to analyze their works separately.

Below, you can hear the fourth compilation album, the last one in a row for the year 2019. This album is compiled during the Fall 2019 is now scheduled to be released on the online stores including Spotify and iTunes and are now accessible on BandCamp and Soundcloud:

In the field of sound, noise music spans over a wide range of ideas and concepts while there a handful of serious practitioners and many unexplored territories to discover. The rich philosophy behind as the term and the ambiguity of its border leaves the definition open for interpretation. The noise as a concept or an entity is an area seeking for in-depth research and a considerable amount of effort is needed to be dedicated to establishing a sonic dialog among its makers and creators across the fields.

Excerpts from the very first compilation album is available in the apple-music player below (Listen to the whole album here).





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