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“Noise à Noise” is an online independent record label and community for emerging noise artists who are in a way in touch with the music and the culture of Iran; the idea of starting this community sparked during a series of cultural research projects in Tehran (in January 2019). This collective is a place for all of the musicians and sound artists who intend to explore beyond the boundaries and limitations in the world of mainstream media, This category includes Iranian artists/ researchers or those who are in a way connected  to the community of Iranian experimental musicians and they are either interested to or have performed and developed pieces in relation to the people and culture in Iran. The label acts as a hub for creative artists and binds a link between the artists and publication managers to release their songs, form collaborations and perform live, this includes accessing mastering studios and to provide the means for analyzing their works with a more artistic/ scientific manner.

In the field of sound, noise music spans over a wide range of ideas and concepts while there a handful of serious practitioners and many unexplored territories to discover. The rich philosophy behind as the term and the ambiguity of its border leaves the definition open for interpretation. The noise as a concept or an entity is an area seeking for in-depth research and a considerable amount of effort is needed to be dedicated to establishing a sonic dialog among its makers and creators across the fields.

We have published eight compilation albums so far, (quarterly since 2019, double disk for this season), and lately published other LP albums and Spoken-word albums; mostly for the notable artist like Alireza Amirhajebi, Leonie Roessler and Zhoobin Askarieh the pieces  (checkout in the artist section f the website). More recently Leonie Roessler’s [master]piece Iran-India was released before the compilation, you can list/ buy this record here on Bandcamp, too.



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Below you can listen to the last double-disk compilation. The first compilation is curated by Arshia Samsaminia (with a focus on contemporary music, and rather score-based pieces) while the second compilation in this playlist is more about electronic/ experimental music.



You cal also  review the whole 2019 (just the compilation artists) in a glance, all in a single Spotify playlist and more on Bandcamp.





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