Against all odds, discriminations, wars, killings and whatever unjust.

Ehsan Saboohi – Music for Black Sine Wave

Post-Orientalism music community and Noise à Noise’s friendly invitation for collaboration with artists (unlimited).

A year has passed since the start of the activity by Post-Orientalism. On the first anniversary of this activity, this community is planning to compile and release a new series in collaboration with various artists and different fields across the globe. We as the members of the community believe that any dialogue will start with the sound of the bass. We can look at a bass-line and sine-waves in numerous different ways. This is the reason for Ehsan Saboohi, the composer and post-orientalism music theorist to develop a number of twenty-four bass-lines for this series. This collection will be available for a free-download in two editions using the following address:

The first version comes in a raw 24 bit/ 96,000 (bit-depth/ sample rate) format.

The second version is ready with the same bit-depth and sample rates but it is mastered and leveled to be released as the main series. Method of collaboration: Electronic music artists can either process the sounds or to design their own using the first version of the sounds. In this method, artists are free to adjust and change the sounds in any process of sampling, or sound design as they may prefer to. All of the players of acoustic music instruments (including the drums, saxophone, guitars and keyboards) can add their own free-improvised lines to the second version of the album (in different sub-genres). Shared points:

The tuning for the album is considered with A (432 Hz). Each of the pieces start with a sound-chain that presents the main tone of each of them. It then develops through a sound block. The main tone for each of the pieces is characterized for each of them in the series.

This series is designed in a way that enables the artists to have different arrangements (order) based on their own taste. This new sound-chain will be producing a new order in this stance. Artists are free to choose to work on each, or all of the pieces of the series.

Artists can consider a new title or track for themselves. The intellectual property rights of each of the new pieces is going to be considered for both the participating artists and the composer. All of the produced pieces are to be published on the Bandcamp page for Noise à Noise and Post-Orientalism profiles online. The monetary rights of the artists who contributed to the pieces are going to be specified in a contract with Noise à Noise. Artists are also welcome to publish their works independently and on their own.

Ideas for starting a dialogue: Each of the pieces is composed in one of the 24 scales that is inscribed in the catalog. It is just enough to take your instrument and make a dialogue with the bass line using your instrument. Performing electronic music is different from its mix and mastering. While performing electronic music, various modules and sound syntheses are the phenomena which you can build and narrate in your own personal world. This is the reason for the electronic music artists being our audience. We also welcome the works of visual arts, including painting, graphic design and video art. Other ideas and art forms like the spoken-words can also join our project. We won’t be judging the works, or to make a board of juries at all. Our goal is to find artists with shared mentalities, which may also include totally different viewpoints. Our main goal is to start a significant dialogue. Dialogues and participation without major investors who usually order industrial products and not the works of art! ***The deadline for submitting your final recordings is considered for the last days of the month of December in 2023.[a]

Last words: We are waiting for your ideas and plans without any complexity from our side, and we make ourselves ready to publish them in the form of CDs, cassette tapes, booklets, etc.

The technical management and coordination for the artists is to be done by Soheil Soheili, the manager at Noise à Noise. Please stay in touch with him using the following email address and more handles (on IG): @noise.a.noise @Soheilsoheilidotom @StudioA.Tehran In the end, we hope this project can develop a serious and significant dialogue in the field of art. With respect, -Ehsan Saboohi -Post-Orientalism Community -Soheil Soheili -Noise à Noise publications


==== UPDATES==== We are going to have 24 Saturdays for music releases (starting with ‘Patchwork Academic’ on 23rd of July), also 24 Tuesdays are planned for the online exhibition of paintings (Starting with Nadia Fezzani on August 1st) and the Thursdays are dedicated for short-films (Starting with Mahxiar Arjmandnia’s 20th of July).The main project samples are to be updated in the numeric order with the works of paintings by Nadia Fezzini, also the short-films are to be placed in the bonus-files for those who download a digital copy of the album on Bandcamp. ==== Invitation ==== Dear Artist, I am honored to be inviting you to send your email for me in order to send you the details of the project. Collaborating with you would definitely be my honor. Respectfully, Ehsan Saboohi.

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