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Kian Hossein – non-

2022 Kian Hossein non-

‘Noise à Noise’ is proudly presenting the debut solo album by Kian Hossein. The conception and production for “Non-“ started in 2019, it was a solo study project on prolongation and persistence of the various capabilities of sound using the piano as the only instrument on the list, in addition to an intricate set of delay and reverberation effect-units, an intricate network of delay and reverberation sound-effects is considered as the piece’s processing-core. The EP album is going to be released also in the physical format.

Throughout the process, it also became a challenge to discover to what extent the artist can push the piano’s limits, in terms of its polyphonic nature. In other words, what other instruments can be found and used within the sound of the piano. Further after the development of the project, “Non-“ which was intended to be a musical study, turned out to be a ‘study of the self’.

The album is going to be released during the next Bandcamp Friday event on May 6th, 2022., we are trying our best to produce a limited number of copies on CD and Cassette Tapes.

Kian Hossein is a composer and sound-designer from Tehran, Iran. He started to learn music in 2006 by receiving piano lessons. He gradually became interested in electronic music and sound design and spent portions of his free time to experiment and self- study. Soon after graduating from QIAU in (2012), he started working professionally as a sound artist. After a few years, he discovered his passion for contemporary music and composition and started to study under the provision of Nima Atrkar Rowshan and Ardavan Vosoughi’s. His works have been performed at various festivals and events, ranging from music festivals to theatrical performances. He has also participated in workshops and conferences and has collaborated in performances with other artists.
releases May 6, 2022

This album is recorded and mixed by the artist between 2019 and 2021, the sounds are mastered by Soheil Soheili at ‘Studio A Tehran’, while Arman Moghadam has contributed with the graphic design.

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