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Abdali – Music for Black Sine Wave

Post-Orientalism music community and Noise à Noise publications are proudly announcing: The final mastering for the album “Music for Black Sine Wave” by “Payman Abdali” a Post-Oriental album by the prominent Iranian Artist, sound designer, composer and instrumentalist who is a pioneering Electronic musician from Iran. Payman Abdali is among the impactful and current-making artists in the electronic-music field in Iran. In this piece, he redefined his deep insight, which is the result of his decades of effort and research in “T. C. Electronic” company where he used to be working as a senior advisor for the development of technology and equipment for electronic music, with an overlook on Post-Orientalism music via electronic music. We can confidently tell this is the first independent electronic music album with the ‘Post-Orientalism’ as a musical genre being released in the early future. On September 1st 2023, Noise à Noise is going to unveil the most recent work by Payman Abdali across the online music distribution platforms. A release which is also going to be ready on the physical media in Germany, Iran, and more countries. More news is to be released on the official Post-Orientalism and Noise à Noise online pages. -End of the news. August 10th, 2023.

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