Against all odds, discriminations, wars, killings and whatever unjust.

“Beyond Tribes” LP Album.

Beyond Tribes [2020]

Zhoobin Askarieh (b. 1973) is an instructor and player of native instruments, notably woodwind and the founder-member of #PILDAM, a #groovy, tribal-dance project from Tehran. M. Ali. Kafashan a.k.a Ali Sasha (b. 1986), is a musician, mix and mastering technician, song-arranger and a #DJ , he also has experiences for the music stage throughout the past decade. Together, they have infused a music with the elements of experimental-electronic, in the form of ambient and noise-music,  with a spiritual feeling of acoustic instruments most notably the “Didgeridoo”, it is characterized as a #post-folk, drony music release. Sharing the spiritual feeling that they experience with their music is their cause behind releasing their works.

“Beyond Tribes” implies a state in which humans are free from the worldly material, and their privileges; it ultimately includes our racial and ethnic groups; an unknown state in which all people are equal. So this is possible that they used the title “Beyond Tribes” to refer to “after-life” without being too harsh on the choice of words.

It is scheduled to be published here on 24th of March, 2020. The album would be on sale (on Bandcamp) for the first two months while the free-listening is also possible on soundcloud #spotify #iTunes and many more online music distribution stores. Check this album among others in the discography section of the website.

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