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Dream House Ensemble – Themes And Variations

Dream House Ensemble - Themes And Variations

“Themes And Variations” by Dream House Ensemble will be published by Independent label Noise à Noise. Digital release and the pre-order will start on 21:00 (GMT +03:30 Tehran) Thursday February, 2022 on Bandcamp, along with a preview on Soundcloud. Also, people who are interested have a duration of a month to order their physical copies while they can listen to the digital release. More news is to be announced via the label’s website.


Dream House Ensemble is the title of a Classical music ensemble with members from Iran. Dream House Ensemble was formed with the collective idea of working together for performances during the autumn in 2018. The primary reason behind it was to perform the works of contemporary composers and to introduce them to the audience. The focus and concern for the selection of  repertoire for the ensemble is on performing the less-performed works by the composers of the second half of the twentieth century.


Noise à Noise is by definition a truly independent and artist-run label and community for promoting experimental and noise music artists from Iran, and those who have a bond in general with the culture and the art-scene of Iran. The label has hosted numerous precious works in the aforementioned field since 2019.


The following album include spoken words based on a text by John Cage which is considered as a part of the composition by the artist, and it is audible throughout the pieces. The translation of Cage’s ‘Themes And Variations’ is taken from a compiled book of Cage’s translated pieces by Ali Ghanbari and Vara publications; a collection of articles from Cage that reflect a number of his ideas toward love, life and art.


During the production of this album Soheil Shirangi has played the role of the ensemble’s executive director. Also, all parts were recorded and mixed by Marjan Masoumi at Saba Studio on (May 2022). Soheil Soheili has provided the post-production at the ‘Studio A Tehran’ (December 2022), and Ramin Ashtary has generated the graphic design and advertisements.

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