Against all odds, discriminations, wars, killings and whatever unjust.

Ehsan Saboohi – Politics Aesthetics I

Noise à Noise proudly presents “Politics-Aesthetics I” by Ehsan Saboohi. This is the first collection among a trilogy, plus an – episode-0 – of albums with similar titles and numbers in sequence that he finished composition and have published here during the last seasons of 2022, and the first season in 2023.

This album was first pre-ordered on Bandcamp as an ongoing composition series that was gradually uploaded during the pre-order period on Bandcamp on a weekly basis. This album is released now.

Ehsan Saboohi is a composer and music theorist, he considers himself a post-orientalist composer, a term he has coined to describe a music language for analyzing the aesthetics of his and his colleagues’ compositions. He demands a different language of common Contemporary Classical music trends by taking inspiration from the philosophical-social ideas of the famous philosopher Edward Said.

This effort reflects the philosophical notions and encapsulates meanings that run in analogous with the ideas of Jacques Rancière, French philosopher that endeavored to obliterate the distinction between aesthetics and politics. It also touches upon supposing music composition as a meaningful way for human expression.

“Post-Orientalism is a modern music language that uses microtonal sounds and intervals alongside altered sound chain and block structures to achieve a post-orientalism musical piece in different acoustic and electroacoustic compositions.”

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