Against all odds, discriminations, wars, killings and whatever unjust.

Noise à Noise 23: Noise vs. Silence

Noise à Noise 23: Noise vs. Silence

Noise is resistance!

Iranian Label Noise à Noise is releasing their compilation Noise à Noise 23: Noise Against the Silence in four volumes: Noise and Glitch, Contemporary and Avant-Garde, Ambient and Drone, and Field Recordings. This compilation opens the Western calendar year 2023 with contributions from Iranian artists living in Iran and abroad, and with pieces submitted by colleagues near and far. We wish everyone a year with more peace, more equality, physical and emotional safety, and the right to speak your mind wherever you are.

As of January 17th, 2023, the album is live on Bandcamp, and will subsequently be available on Spotify, Apple Music, and similar online-music distribution platforms. A limited edition of tapes and/or CDs will go on sale in a month. 

Artist line up includes:  Ali Aghili (IR), Ali Balighi (IR/US), Alireza Amirhajebi (IR), Akane Takada (JP/NL), Alya Al Sultani (Iraq/ UK), Arshan Najafi (IR), Ashkin Shabani (IR), Babak Sepanta (IR), Balam Ronan (MX/CH), Blatta Joux (DE), Cedrik Fermont (BE/DE), Chem XP (US), Ehsan Saboohi (IR), Fuzzle Schnozzle (IR), Arshia Samsaminia/ FREQ.EXP (IR/ DE), Ibukun Sunday (NGR), Jesus Valenti (VE /IT), Katharina Stadler (Austria/ Georgia), Kian Hossein (IR), Leonie Roessler (DE/NL), Shaahin Peymani, Judith Hamann and Florian Bergmann (IR/ DE), Mehdi Behbudi (IR), Mohamad Nikpour (IR), Negar Kharkan (IR), Nour Kara and Juliette Capel (IR/ FR), Ramin Ashtari (IR), Robbert van Hulzen (NL), Sahar Homami (IR/CA/DE), Shahin Souri (IR), Silo Portem (SCT), Soheil Soheili (IR), Wondering O (EE), Zhoobin Askarieh & Ali Sasha (IR).

This compilation is produced by Soheil Soheili and Leonie Roessler, between Iran and Europe. Mastered by Soheil Soheili at Studio A Tehran. Our production partners are Contemporary Musik Magazie in Tehran, and Klangteppich Festival  in Berlin. Also Ramin Ashtari and Arman Moghadam have contributed to the development of the album graphic design and coding for animations. Thanks to all of the artists that helped make the circuit close and Rahi Safavi for his real-life support with the electronics.

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