Against all odds, discriminations, wars, killings and whatever unjust.

VA – Music For Black Sine Wave

Album title:Music For Black Sine Wave
by Various Artists

Project introduction

On July 2023, Composer and the Post-Orientalism music theorist published his theory revolving the significance of the bass line in the methodology of Post-Orientalism music with his twenty four bass compositions for a sine wave on Noise à Noise, which was an unprocessed set of sounds.

Listen here:

Saboohi invited his colleagues from across the disciplines of art (Music, Painting, Cinema and Literature) through open-calls and friendly invitations for freely developing pieces with his bass lines.

The album that you are listening to right now is the result of the thoughts by various independent artists from different fields of art. Each has created independent compositions using their own aesthetics.


About the Album: *Important points*

1.Noise à Noise publications will be updating the album which is now set for pre-order and will upload the arrival pieces on this Bandcamp page on a weekly basis, and until the month of November in 2023.

2. This collection will be released on all of the major music publication platforms, and hopefully on physical media with a booklet that includes information about the works.

3. The arrangement of pieces in the album will be considered based on the order of their submissions until the days of their release.

4.Noise à Noise will be releasing the works with a slight pre-mastering until the completion of the album.

5. On the final edition of the album, the placement of the pieces and their masterings will be different, a point that is considered for a better overall homogeneity and beauty outcome.

6. Our suggestion for the pre-order period is to wait for some moments between the pieces, and then enter the [world]view of the next artist. This is now very essential to say thanks to all of the respected artists who kindly made contributions in this collaboration project.


Post-Orientalism Statement Post-Orientalism is a term coined by the Composer and music theorist Ehsan Saboohi to describe a music language for analyzing the aesthetics of his and his colleagues’ compositions. Saboohi defines this language as follows:
“Post-Orientalism is a modern music language that uses microtonal sounds and intervals alongside altered sound chain and block structures to achieve a post-orientalism musical piece in different acoustic and electroacoustic compositions.”
Ehsan Saboohi, in his third composition period, is looking for a different language of common Contemporary Classical music trends by taking inspiration from the philosophical-social ideas of the famous philosopher Edward Said (1935-2003).

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