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Ali Balighi – ‘Whispers of Papers’

Noise à Noise is proud to announce the release of the Debut album by Ali Balighi “Whispers of Papers” during the autumn of 2023. This composition series is also going to be premiered simultaneously at Texas Tech University School of Music (TTU). Live video streaming is considered for the public over the internet for November 7th, 2023.

The artist has chosen paper as an instrument for this album, in addition to sound synthesis and has composed a piece that has 14 movements, which we now see as 14 tracks. Now, and as of October 21th, the album is on pre-order, until the final release date.

About the Album:
Unlike traditional musical composition methods in which paper is used for writing scores, the artist has chosen to use paper as an instrument for his album. One piece in this album consists of fourteen movements. To create the microsound and electronic versions of specific sounds, Balighi has incorporated several algorithms for development, including the use of Max MSP programming language, and Logic Pro as the DAW for editing the sounds. He has used synthesizers  in certain  pieces to create a profound atmosphere.


Composer and performer: Ali Balighi

Sound Processing (Mix): Ali Balighi
Post-Production (Sound Mastering): Owrang Mohajer
Visual design by Ramin Ashtari
A&R: Soheil Soheili

Publication management: Soheil Soheili

People who can not attend the premier are invited to watch the live performance using this URL (A Vimeo Link):

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