Against all odds, discriminations, wars, killings and whatever unjust.


Our partners (and friends).

Below you can read about other collectives, research-projects, studios, festivals, magazines that have collaborated on the partner level in the course of the proceedings until now. Mostly independent entities that have helped the growth of this dynamic community. A list of project (Friends) is to be added here soon.

Current collaborating entities are:

Studio A Tehran (Dedicated Studio)
is a private mastering studio and project space, which is indeed our production partner since the start of this label and is a supporter of Classical contemporary, Jazz and experimental music.
Studio A Tehran
Post-Orientalism (2022-present)
is the decentralized collective of Post-Oriental composers, led by Composer and music Theorist, Ehsan Saboohi. ‘Post-Orientalism’ is a term he has coined to describe a music language for analyzing the aesthetics of his and his colleagues’ compositions.
Contemporary Musik Magazine (2020-present)
Is an online magazine which have dedicated its activity to the Contemporary classical and Experimental-electronic music. Our collaboration with this magazine is not limited to only the promotions, but it also include directing co-production projects and providing documentations.
Contemporary Musik Magazine
Sonic Tehran (Research)
is an interdisciplinary project exploring Tehran as a sounded space. The project is located at the intersection of ethnomusicology, sound studies and urban studies and its central questions address the relationship between sound and urban space.

Previous collaborators are:

Limited Access Festival (2019 One edition)
is an independent festival for moving images, sound and performance (since 2007), it started in a small project space called Parkingallery. The festival invites guest curators and collaborates with various institutions and archives across the globe to fulfill its mission to reduce the gap between various fields and to promote interdisciplinary practices.
Klangteppich Festival (2021-2022 two editions)
Festival that presents musicians from Iran and the Iranian diaspora in new encounters with artists from other practices and scenes in Berlin. It initiates cross-border collaborations, questions Eurocentric perceptions of music.
Klangteppich Festival
Lono (2021- Two seasons)
Self-publication platform helping independent artists and publishers by providing physical and digital publication, and to build a fan-base and stay in touch with the audience in Iran.