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Kian Hossein – OMNI-

[Tehran, Iran] – We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of ‘OMNI-,’ the highly anticipated sequel to Kian Hossein’s previous album on Noise à Noise ‘Non-.’ Scheduled for release. Available for digital pre-order on Bandcamp starting August 3rd.

Artist Statement:

This is not art music,
this is not pop music,
this may not even be music.
This is what I hear when I listen to music,
this is all that and also the number 19.

“OMNI-: Harmonizing Time and Numbers” “OMNI-” is an immersive solo album for piano and electronics, where delay and reverberation intertwine to create a resonant tapestry. Inspired by the enigmatic allure of the number 19, this contemporary composition explores the cyclical nature of existence and the interconnectedness of all things. Through intricate melodies and evolving harmonies, the piano and electronics engage in a captivating dialogue, blurring the line between acoustic and synthetic soundscapes. “OMNI-” invites listeners to embrace the transformative power of delay and reverberation, evoking introspection and a deep connection to the vast possibilities of sonic expression. – Generated by ChatGPT


Kian Hossein is a composer and sound-designer from Tehran, Iran. He started to learn music in 2006 by receiving piano lessons. He gradually became interested in electronic music and sound design and spent portions of his free time to experiment and self- study. He discovered his passion for contemporary music and composition after starting to work as a professional sound artist and started to study under the provision of Nima Atrkar Rowshan and Ardavan Vosoughi. Yet his works have been performed at various events ranging from music festivals to theatrical

Album Cover by Yasna Karami
Composition, Mix and Mastering by the Artist
A&R, Co-production, Cassette production, Mastering: Soheil Soheili

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