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Post​-​Orientalism II (For Qanun)

Noise à Noise proudly presents ‘Post​-​Orientalism II (For Qanun)’, this album is composed by Ehsan Saboohi and performed by Mojgan Hosseini (Player of Qanun). The album pre=order started on early 2023 and the album is released on Bandcamp, and other major online music distribution platforms on May 20th, 2023.

Album Statement:
The Qanun and Oud are important instruments in the development of Traditional Eastern music theories. Important philosophers and musicians like Al-Farabi, Abd al-Qadir Maraghi, and Safi al-Din al-Urmawi were influential in generating these theories in countries such as Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, and others.

Different modal, Arabic maqam, and rhythm relations in traditional Eastern music create diverse effects in the musical styles of the musicians of these countries.

Post-Orientalism intends to develop and expand another systematic experimental theory while respecting traditions.

Maybe at the first glance you couldn’t find any resemblance between methods of contemporary classical music and Eastern traditional music. Its melodies, harmonies, and development methods might seem unfamiliar and unpleasant to you at first. Also, don’t be surprised if the Post-Orientalism II techniques don’t follow the musician schools of Baghdad, Egypt, Turkey, or Iran!

This unfamiliar composition is known as Post-Orientalism music.

If you are a young Qanun musician, welcome new experiences and matters. Don’t be afraid of experience. Lend an ear to this album.

Ehsan Saboohi
Post-Orientalism Composer and music theorist.
28th March, 2022.
Tehran, Iran.


released May 20, 2023

Composed by: Ehsan Saboohi
Musician/ (Qanun) Performer: Mojgan Hoseyni
Sound Engineering/ Recording Studio Engineer: Reza Assadpour
Graphic design/ Layout design: Ramin Ashtari
A&R, Publication advisor, Promotion: Soheil Soheili
Production and publication labels are: Post-Orientalism Music and Noise à Noise

Copyright is reserved for Noise à Noise, Post-Orientalism Music.

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