'Noise Against the Silence' is the motto now...

“Noise à Noise 19”: Debut Compilation Album

Designed by Arman moghadam

“Noise à Noise 19”
is our debut quarterly compilation album.

Following the first open-call, we are so honored and humbled to be receiving pieces to be included (compiled) in the “Noise à Noise 19”. These series of quarterly albums are to be produced for people who are interested in experimental and noise music Thanks to the contribution of numerous artists who have participated in our very first open-call, and the considerable number of pieces that we received, we made it to select a number of 20 which were indeed more fit for the context.

This “Debut Compilation Album” for experimental and noise music
is now scheduled for an online-release on the first days on January in 2019.

As our working title (collective, artist-run, independent) indicates, artists who have submitted their works for this compilation album are the first members of this small collective, they are indeed invited to cooperate for running this platform and help everyone with it’s benefits on the long-run; this very first “Compilation Album” has more of a collaborative nature and a great value to everyone who are working for the whole production, post-production and documentation process. Here is the list of artists who have contributed to the album (to be released on January, 20th 2019). The list comes in the alphabetical order:

1. ARUMAN 2. Bernisaun 3. Bijan Mousavi 4. Jakub Rataj  5. Kasra4k7 6. Kaveh Shams 7. Leonie Roessler (and Dirar Kalash) 8. Limen (Nariman Aliakbar) 9. Magicmind 10. Nyctalllz 11. OESTI 12. Parsa Hadavi  13. Sepersa 14. Sina Shoaie 15. Soheil Soheili 16. Sohrab Motabar 17. XSIX 18. Yellow Cream 19. Zhoobin Askarieh.


Listen to or buy “Noise à Noise 19” on the Discography section here. More information on Bandcamp), the album will also be available on more streaming websites like Spotify and iTunes



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