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Chem XP – Music for Black Sine Wave

Noise à Noise and Post-Orientalism music community are proud to be able to announce the pre-order for Chem XP’s album ‘Music for Black Sine Wave’. This album is produced using the bits and pieces of Ehsan Saboohi’s composition with the same name, which was written for solo-bass, using microtones (interval system). It is now on pre-order which will last until November 3, 2023 as Chem’s debut with us on Bandcamp.

About the album:
“SUAHUAB” is a long étude recorded by Chaz “Chem XP” Washington; composed of serialist synthesizer studies, textural research of percussive instruments hand-built by the artist, and a generally spiritual animation of machine sounds. The piece stands as an ode to The Bauhaus school of thought and design. As such, it pronounces an architectural structure to house the abstract and liminal. All concepts flow freely within the space, indicative of The Bauhaus itself. Bauhaus concepts explored: Industrial bricolage texture-sculptures doubling as instruments (locally sourced) Balanced asymmetry Functional and holistic (sound) shapes Purposefully minimal/liminal architecture Machine-forward aesthetic Composition Title:


Duration: 37:20

Releases November 3, 2023


About the Project: On July 2023, Ehsan Saboohi, Composer and the Post-Orientalism music theorist published his theory revolving the significance of the bass line in the methodology of Post-Orientalism music with his twenty four bass compositions for a sine wave on Noise à Noise, which was an unprocessed set of sounds.

Listen here:

Live recorded improvisation with partial sequencing.

Chem XP: synthesizer, modified saxophone, singing bowl, mixer feedback, hand-built ‘steel’ drums, plastic washboard, metal washboard, bamboo mallets, drone, mouth sound effects Eshan Saboohi: bass synthesizer

Mastered by Soheil Soheili

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