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Leonie Roessler – IRAN-INDIA – Two Sonic Journeys

Iran-India - Two Sonic Journeys

Leonie Roessler 


Two Sonic Journeys


Leonie Roessler is a composer, performer, and sound artist based in The Hague. She works extensively with field recordings, which she uses for installations, radio works, and live performances.

Her two-track album “Iran-India” is made of field recordings that she took in Goa in 2017 during The Story of Space Festival, and in Isfahan, Tehran, and Shiraz between 2016 and 2019, while she was in residence at Limited Access Festival and New Media Society. 

The first track “Isfahan-Shiraz-Tehran” is a lush and roaring trip through a country that is equally colourful in sight and sound. Copper smiths at the bazaar in Isfahan, horses decorated with silver bells, mosques, recycling trucks with monotonous calls and children playing outside – all worked into a rich, sweeping tapestry. 

“From Panjim into the Mangrove Forest”, the second journey on the album, takes the listeners across the Panjim river into the busy inner city, and then out into the mangrove forest with its mysterious sounds of seeds popping and strange bird calls. This journey through a state that is equally colourful in sight and sound, ends at the bustling Panjim Bus Stand.  

While the majority of the sounds for these two pieces appear in their pure state, certain layers slowly modulate through audio-processing, adding a surreal quality to this work of symphonic character.

Iran-India is going to be released on August 11th, and will be available on all major online music distribution platforms, including Bandcamp and Spotify.

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