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Noise à Noise 20.1

Noise A Noise 20.1: [2021 Spring]

Noise à Noise 20.1 (Compilation Album)
Noise à Noise Records
March 25st, 2020

Our first compilation in 2020 ‘Noise à Noise 20.1’ is out now!

Tehran, Iran — first quarterly album in 2020 is being released on iTunes, Spotify and a lot more major online stores, we are going to release it on Soundcloud a day before to celebrate the vernal equinox and Nowruz (Persian New years eve) and of course on Bandcamp. In this album, experimental artists are included that are in a way connected to the community of Iranian experimental musicians or they have performed, developed pieces in relation to the culture in Iran, Studio A have provided the means for mastering the pieces and we are happy to announce the release of “Noise a Noise 20.1” during the turn of the season.

The artist lineup for “Noise à Noise 20.1″ includes Hadi Bastani (UK), Sohrab Motabar (NL), Hesam Kardan (FR), Alireza Amirhajebi (FR/IR), SONOLOGYST (IT), Owrang (IR), Basar Under (TR), Zhoobin Askarieh, Ali Sasha, Ali Taram, Takcharkh, AOMQN, Soheil Soheili and Saturn Cube (IR).

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