Against all odds, discriminations, wars, killings and whatever unjust.

Kian Hossein – Music for Black Sine Wave

About the Album
This album is composed with an electronic Post-Orientalism approach. The artist has paved the way for the passage from the first piece into the second by creating atmospheres and the use of electronic coloration. The look and form-based, and time based structures on the second part which is linked using a number of ten sound blocks develops movement and auditory dynamism. On the last part, which focuses on percussive instruments that are processed using sound synthesis, Kian is victoriously dancing and stomping.
About the Project:
On July 2023, Ehsan Saboohi, Composer and the Post-Orientalism music theorist published his theory revolving the significance of the bass line in the methodology of Post-Orientalism music with his twenty four bass compositions for a sine wave on Noise à Noise, which was an unprocessed set of sounds.
Listen invited his colleagues from across the disciplines of art (Music, Painting, Cinema and Literature) through open-calls and friendly invitations for freely developing pieces with his bass lines.

releases October 20, 2023

About the Artist
Kian Hossein is a composer and sound-designer from Tehran, Iran. He started to learn music in 2006 by receiving piano lessons. He gradually became interested in electronic music and sound design and spent portions of his free time to experiment and self- study. He discovered his passion for contemporary music and composition after starting to work as a professional sound artist and started to study under the provision of Nima Atrkar Rowshan and Ardavan Vosoughi. Yet his works have been performed at various events ranging from music festivals to theatrical performances.

Post-Orientalism Statement:

Post-Orientalism is a term coined by the Composer and music theorist Ehsan Saboohi to describe a music language for analyzing the aesthetics of his and his colleagues’ compositions. Saboohi defines this language as follows:

“Post-Orientalism is a modern music language that uses microtonal sounds and intervals alongside altered sound chain and block structures to achieve a post-orientalism musical piece in different acoustic and electroacoustic compositions.”

Ehsan Saboohi, in his third composition period, is looking for a different language of common Contemporary Classical music trends by taking inspiration from the philosophical-social ideas of the famous philosopher Edward Said (1935-2003).

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