Against all odds, discriminations, wars, killings and whatever unjust.

Noise à Noise 23.4: Intolerance

Artwork designed by Ramin Ashtari

Noise à Noise 23.4
Intolerance: The Discordant Note
Release date (November 3rd)

We are proud to announce the release of the compilation albums for late summer and autumn 2023. We have not stopped working during the most difficult times of revolts, wars and the killings of the innocent. ‘Noise à Noise 23.4: Intolerance’ is now on pre-order and will be released on November 3rd, 2023.

Intolerance which we know as a lack of tolerance/unwillingness to tolerate or coexist, is the discordant note that festers in times of strife, sowing seeds of hatred and division [separation], standing as the antithesis of activism for peace. Intolerance fuels discrimination and violence. It takes advantage of fractures in societies, deepening the wounds, prolonging conflicts during the revolutions, and sharpening the blades of hostility during the wars–pointing at those who dare to be different.

This compilation echoes the spirit of humanity in reverse, by highlighting sounds that can mirror the chaos and suffering as a result of intolerance. Yet this is very important to note that there lies a ‘call to action’ for peace in the solidarity against the forces of intolerance all to resist discord and to promote acceptance. Before you start listening to the album, let’s remember the impacts of tolerance and intolerance during the times of social unrest, revolutions and wars. We find hope and strength in unity and solidarity, believing that they can ultimately win over divisions and discord. 

This album is compiled during the first weeks of the autumn in 2023. Contributing artists were asked to embrace differences, reminding about acceptance to echo with the spirit of humanity by the sounds of acceptance and compassion. Here is where discordant ideas merge in the form of a synthesis, and we are sonically reflecting upon the images of intolerance to insist on the subjects of co-existence and compassion.


Contributing artists are:
Ali Aghili (IR), Ali Balighi (IR/ US), Arshan Najafi (IR), Babak Sepanta (IR), Ehsan Saboohi (IR), Jazrudtz (DE), Jesus Valenti (VE/SP), Niki Yaghmaee (IR/DE), RDKPL (CZ) Reza Ahmadian (IR), T-Noll (IR).


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