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Noise à Noise 19.4

Noise à Noise 19.4 (Compilation Album)
Noise à Noise Records
January, 4th, 2019.

Our last release in 2019 ‘Noise à Noise 19.4’ is out now!

Tehran, Iran — fourth and last quarterly album of 2019 is being released and it is already receiving hits on Bandcamp. This album is compiled by Soheil Soheili and Studio A have provided the means for mastering for the pieces. This album was published on-remote, as the label-chairman was in trip to Berlin which happened at the same time with the 2019 rise-ups in reaction to higher gasoline-prices and the internet block in Iran.

Many of our current artists have contributed to this album, familiar names like ARUMAN (IR/ TR), Ghodsea (IR), Owrang (IR), MOREGO (IR), MagicMind (IR/TR) Neuronal Noise (IR), Ali Sasha (IR), Zhoobin Askarieh (IR), Saeed Ramezanpour (IR), Noise Space (IR) all together with Babak Sepanta (IR); in addition to this line-up, we are proud to also present figures and acts like Alireza Amirhajebi (Fr/ Ir), AOMQN (IR), PooYar (IR), Yasuyuki Uesugi (JP), Tarxun (DE). What we can see in common in most of the works is deviation from the mainstream music and a presence of avant-garde and abstract ideas.

As the release date implies (December 28th), this would be the last experimental and noise music compilation album of the year, this is amazing to get a considerable amount of feedback from you, we are all hoping for the best and preparing for the worst! Wish you an amazing year and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of our christian friends around the world.



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