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Noise Conference – Episode 06: Deniz Tafaghodi

“Noise Conference”
is a set of promotion podcast for the all-female composers’ compilation in 2021 (in Farsi, except for an interview with Leonie Roessler.), it is co-produced with the contemporary music magazine in Iran. As we are going to interview each of the composers who contributed to this collection on a weekly basis.

We are going to have a conversation with Deniz Tafaghodi, to both discover about her collaboration to this album “NOT TO BE” and of course to hear about her ideas and practice. This piece was released in an all-female composers album during the month of March in 2021, read more below:

Noise à Noise 21.1

Noise à Noise 21.1 Pre-order, Bandcamp release date: March 25th, 2021. Official release date: March 29th, 2021. Happy Norooz! Tehran-based label Noise à Noise is celebrating the new solar year 1400 S.H with the release of Noise A Noise 21.1 –  a  compilation of works from all female composers. The album includes pieces by Kimia Read more…

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