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Noise Conference – Episode 07: Leonie Roessler

“Noise Conference”
is a set of promotion podcast for the all-female composers’ compilation in 2021, it is co-produced with the contemporary music magazine in Iran. As we are going to interview each of the composers who contributed to this collection on a weekly basis.

This seventh Podcast (an artist-interview) is dedicated to a conversation with female composer Leonie Roessler regarding her recent composition. “Drain” which is played by the pianist “Akane Takeda” and were considered as a part of this album, read more below:

Noise à Noise 21.1

Noise à Noise 21.1 Pre-order, Bandcamp release date: March 25th, 2021. Official release date: March 29th, 2021. Happy Norooz! Tehran-based label Noise à Noise is celebrating the new solar year 1400 S.H with the release of Noise A Noise 21.1 –  a  compilation of works from all female composers. The album includes pieces by Kimia Read more…

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