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Open-Call 03 : Noise [Music] Pieces

Open call for the noise [music] pieces

“Open-Call 03 : Noise Music”

We are announcing our third open call for art with a deadline until the 31st July, in 2020. In this open call, artists across the media (text, sound ,video) are invited to submit audio, video and text-based work for the next compilation album, and/or to be included in the archive of this collective movement. Well, of course a team of juries including nice composers like Arshia Samsaminia would kindly analyze the pieces in the terms of aesthetics and depending on the limitations in the thematic possibilities for this compilation. Please tell your friends about “Open-Call 03 : Noise Music”.

“Noise may have lost its power to offend. Silence hasn’t.” – Dan Warburton

The deadline for the submission of works is the last day in July (this deadline is not to be extended) and we recommend that artists send their sheet music and other types of notation to raise their chance of approval by our team of juries. It is worthy to note that this open call is free of charge and all of the earnings from these compilation albums will be dedicated to the current expenses of the label. Extra earnings will be used to organize live performances in the future.

To submit your piece, check the Google form URL below:

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