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Klangteppich III Festival – Hadi Bastani and Yalda Zamani

Klangteppich 2021 Poster

Klangteppich III, 2021 – Hadi Bastani,Yalda Zamani/Berlin

We are so proud to see the name of one of the best of artists whom we have ever worked with, and this is a joy to introduce Hadi Bastani (composer, sound artist and anthropologist) again and to promote his very recent collaborative performance with Yalda Zamani, it took place in the third edition of a prestigious festival for Iranian musicians in Diaspora called “Klanteppich” (in tak Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg by Since 2018, Klangteppich has been presenting musicians from Iran and the Iranian diaspora in new encounters with artists from other practices and scenes in Berlin. 

Hadi Bastani was invited before this edition of the festival as the resident artist to work with Yalda Zamani who is a Berlin-based orchestra conductor and researcher who also works with coding and extended interfaces. The third edition of the festival presents three world premieres performed by artists from the Iranian diaspora together with artists from Berlin.

Hadi Bastani [artist in residence] – modular synthesizer
Yalda Zamani – electronic sounds, codes, motion-sensors
Recorded at tak Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg by

The collaboration of the composer, sound artist and anthropologist Bastani with the conductor, researcher and performer Yalda Zamani is a premiere in several respects: During his first stay in Berlin, Bastani created a performance with Zamani in which she for the first time works with live coding and the application of machine learning models in combination with motion-sensing technologies.

Bastani works with field recordings, computers, modular synthesizers, transducers, and hacked electronic toys in the context of electroacoustic compositions, improvised performances, and site-specific, immersive and interactive installations. His artistic, research and teaching activities focus on the relationship between creative practice, digital technologies, and emergent modes of sociality. He pays particular attention to the affordance of collaboratively developed ethnographic and compositional processes in synthesizing new forms of practice and knowledge.

Zamani is interested in transdisciplinary approaches in contemporary music performance. From understanding the nature of the interaction between humans and AI systems in creating music to re-defining the relationship of a conductor with the orchestra/ensemble in performing music, Yalda Zamani’s research includes the investigation of the role of a meaningful collaboration in designing intelligent artistic ecosystems that reflect contemporary values. In 2021 she was granted a two-year doctoral research fellowship from the city of Hamburg and the European Social Fund, which is aimed at effectively and sustainably increasing the proportion of women in leadership positions.

Premiered at Klangteppich. Festival for music of the Iranian diaspora III.

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