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Noise à Noise 20.3

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Noise à Noise 20.3 (Compilation Album) (Double Album)
Release date(s): August 31st, 2020/ September 1st, 2020.


This is mid August, 2020 and following the announcement of an open call during the past two months, and a closer listening to the pieces, Noise à Noise is presenting its next quarterly noise/ experimental music compilation album(s); this two-disk album includes pieces of contemporary, experimental, ambient, drone music.  The first album includes works with a contemporary approach and the second album is more about experimental point of view. 

The double albums are to be released sequentially; First album in the row to be released  is the Contemporary album (on August 17th) and then the next with an Experimental focus comes out two days after it (August 19th); there will also be a pre-release on Bandcamp and Soundcloud on August 17th, 2020. The time is now!

The competition album (contemporary art) is co-curated in collaboration with Arshia Samsaminia, as the jury for the selection of the pieces. Studio A Tehran has provided the means for the post-production and Arman Moghadam has generated the cover art. It is going to be released on iTunes, Spotify and other more major online stores in two weeks after this unofficial pre-release date.

Artist, or projects for the contemporary compilation (Competition part, Disk 1 includes:

Angus Lee (HK), An Moku (CH), Anna Sowa (PL/SW), Arthur Muller (FR), Chi Him Chik (HK), Dimitri Papageorgiou (GR), Hadi Bastani (IR/UK), Fabio Grandinetti (IT), Idlefon (IR), Luca Guidarini (IT), Kamyar Behbahani (IR), , Silo Portem Duo (SCT), Gabriel Arroyo Gallardo (IT), Nicolas Wiese (DE), Monchoce Tonero (BL), Sina Shoaie (IR), Sohrab Motabar (IR/NL), Soheil Soheili (IR), Spectro Duo (IR/PL), Wondering O (EE), Zerone [0one]Duo (IR)

The lineup for the experimental music artists, and projects (Disk 2) are:

Alishasa and Zhoobin Askarieh (IR), ARUMAN (IR), Deniz Tafaghodi (IR), Ehsan Masoudian (IR), Faraz Bakhshgooei (IR), Golbon Moltaji (IR), Mahziar Arjmandnia (IR), Mehdi Boroosan (IR), Noise Space [Farbod Hamedi] (IR), Rhonchus (IR).


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