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TWO (Live at tak Theater Aufbau Berlin)

TWO (Live at tak Theater Aufbau Berlin) Noise à Noise (Experimental/ Noise/ Contemporary) Bandcamp Release date: July 8th, 2022.   Noise à Noise is proudly presenting ‘TWO (Live at tak Theater Aufbau Berlin)’.    Two was recorded live from a performance given by Hadi Bastani and Yalda Zamani in June 2021 at tak Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg, Berlin, as part of Klangteppich festival. It took form through the duo’s improvisation with electronic modules and live coding. Hadi Bastani (sound artist, anthropologist, composer) is a visiting researcher in Immersive Composition at the University of Greenwich, London. He is also a research partner at the Leverhulme-funded research project “Sonic Tehran“ at the City, University of London. As an artist, He works with field recordings, computers, modular synthesizers, transducers, and hacked electronic toys in various creative contexts. Both his research and creative practice particularly focus on collaboratively-developed and ethnographically-informed processes that enable critical analysis. Yalda Zamani is a conductor and performer based in Germany, and the co-founder and artistic director of the Contemporary Chamber Orchestra Elbe in Hamburg.  As a passionate advocate for contemporary music, she collaborates regularly with composers around the world by conducting world premiere performances of their compositions at renowned international music festivals and venues. She often engages in the realization of innovative projects at the intersection of music and science and is currently doing a Ph.D. on computational creativity, interdisciplinary collaborations in music and technology, and the application of new technologies in music performances at the HfMT in Hamburg which she is appointed as a lecturer for the performance practice of contemporary music.  After the release on bandcamp, this work will be also available on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.   By Hadi Bastani and Yalda Zamani Live Recording: Live Sound Engineer: Richard Behrens Edit and Mix: Hadi Bastani Mastering: Hadi Bastani and Soheil Soheili  Cover Art: Amirali Ghasemi   Special thanks to Maqan at the ‘Studio A’ for his constant support, Lisa Neupert for the German translation, and the Klangteppich festival for making this amazingly unique performance possible.

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