Against all odds, discriminations, wars, killings and whatever unjust.

Post​-​Orientalism No. 0

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Noise à Noise is releasing Post-Orientalism Zero (Episode 0), a composition series by Ehsan Saboohi. This album was produced as an ongoing composition project. This episodes include pieces that are referred to as 'Sound Blocks', and are dedicated to many people who have lost their lives, therefore it demanded a longer production process (between winter an the spring in 2023) considering the social condition in Iran. The production process and its digital pre-order period is now finished after the completion of the last piece and and it is going to be released today (on April 17th, 2023). Ehsan Saboohi is a composer and music theorist, he considers himself a post-orientalist composer, a term he has coined to describe a music language for analyzing the aesthetics of his and his colleagues’ compositions. He demands a different language of common Contemporary Classical music trends by taking inspiration from the philosophical-social ideas of the famous philosopher Edward Said. “Post-Orientalism is a modern music language that uses microtonal sounds and intervals alongside altered sound chain and block structures to achieve a post-orientalism musical piece in different acoustic and electroacoustic compositions.” It is also one of his composition series. Read more:


released May 17, 2023 This album is composed by Ehsan Saboohi, post-production is done by Soheil Soheili at Studio A Tehran. Reviews: African Paper:

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