Against all odds, discriminations, wars, killings and whatever unjust.

Politics Aesthetics II: Beckett’s Quad Variations

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Noise à Noise proudly presents “Politics-Aesthetics II: Beckett's Quad Variations” by Ehsan Saboohi. This is the second collection among a trilogy of albums with similar titles and numbers in sequence. Similar to a few more collections that were produced in parallel, this album was developed in an ongoing composition process, too. Each of the pieces gradually appeared on Bandcamp on a weekly basis during the pre-order period, and is no longer pending release. This collection is twenty-four variations of ‘Quad’, a Television play by Samuel Beckett (1981). A piece for four players, lights and percussion. Each part comes with a YouTube-video link to provide the listener with the actual/ visual representation of the players and sounds. Sounds find their ways throughout the performance according to its script. Beckett's Quad Variations was first put on pre-order during the winter in 2023 and is now released on the last days of April. *This Album is Released. Videos for each of the pieces can be found in this playlist: Below find a portion of instructions for the play: : ‘....Four types of percussion, say drum, gong, triangle, wood block. Each player has his particular percussion, to sound when he enters, continue while he paces, cease when he exits…..”.
============ Work Statement: Great French thinker Alain Badiou writes in appreciation of Beckett (Playwright and Philosopher) in a book titled ‘On Beckett’: “We can receive lessons on measurement, accuracy and courage from Beckett”. This collection includes twenty four variations from one of Beckett’s plays (the ‘Quad’). In each of the variations, sounds find their ways based on the text of the play.
At the end of this statement, let me confess - although it may be unlikely to do according to the general rules of the academy. Confess to a dream. Protest to a place-and-time in which the political-aesthetic event has the opportunity to find its subjectivity. Hoping for a day that the four bodies can dance to this series of composition - freely, regardless of their race, religion, gender and other vacant bonds. Dance of freedom of the free bodies in the main square of the city. I finally offer and dedicate this composition series with the highest respect to the people of Iran. People who have been waiting ages in the darkness for Goddot.

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