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Noise à Noise 23.2: Persistence

Noise à Noise 23.2: Persistence (Experimental, Noise, Ambient). Release Date: July 21st,  2023. Noise à Noise is proudly announcing the release of the end-of-spring compilation album for 2023 in the early summer. “Noise à Noise 23.2: Persistence” is an Experimental music album compiled from the works of Iranian experimental-electronic Contemporary-music artists. It is a part of a series of similar quarterly sets that have hosted artistic experimental music since January in 2019. Noise a Noise is an independent label and community for experimental and noise music artists, especially for those who have a bond with Iranian culture or the Iranian art scene. We promote artistic music, as well as written theory and approaches to sound that are mostly associated with the experimental and avant-garde movements. Release of this final edition of ‘Noise à Noise’ compilation series will start in the form of a digital pre-order on Bandcamp during the first half of the month in July, and will be available on all other major online music distribution platforms throughout the next days until the final release date on July 22nd. A listening session is considered for the audience who may look forward to keeping in touch with the authors of the pieces in an online Bandcamp listening-party. The digital-edition of the album is now ready and placed on Bandcamp. Artist line up is:  Babak Sepanta, Brice (Amin Sarshar Tehrani), Ehsan Saboohi, Kian Hossein, Melkor, Reza Ahmadian, T-Noll (Abtin Golfam), Vesal Javaheri. A&R/ Post-production: Soheil Soheili, Studio A Tehran Graphic Design: Ramin Ashtari Live coding/ Animation teaser: Arman Moghadam

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