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Metamorphosis Behind The Curtains Of Time

Kamyar Behbahani and Karim Ebrahimi
Kamyar Behbahani and Karim Ebrahimi
"Metamorphosis Behind the Curtains of Time” by Kamyar Behbahani and Karim Ebrahimi. is the debut EP release by the duo, this record includes heavily constructed layers of sound using the sound processing on Tombak along with the electronic sounds. Tombak is the percussive music instrument which is widely used in the traditional music of Iran. The pre-order on Bandcamp will be due on April 29th 2022, options for making a physical purchase will be available shortly (on Silver CDs, using airmail from Iran). [The hq booklet is attached as a bonus for print]. Kamyar Behbahani is a Shiraz-based artist. He has received education in the field of music and cinema, and is active as a film-score composer, and also a foley/ sound-artist, sound engineer. In his performances he tries to transform the elements of traditional music of Iran with electronic music, he is best said to localize the electronic music. He is the winner of five consecutive rounds of Haghighat Cinema awards for his collaborations in Kamran Heidari’s documentary films. Karim Ebrahimi is a Shirazi-based artist, a player of Tombak, percussive instruments and a rhythm designer and composer who has the experience of participating in credible festivals, and gaining high standings in domestic and international festivals, and collaboration with the acclaimed masters of Persian music. Noise à Noise is by definition a truly independent and artist-run label and community for experimental and noise music artists, especially for those who have a bond with culture or in general to the art-scene in Iran, with no official supporters but a small circle of artists. The label have so far published more than 15 compilation albums so far (quarterly since 2019, double disk albums for some seasons) in addition to host a small roster of artist albums regardless of all the negative impacts on human lives during the outspread of COVID-19.   Bandcamp releases date: April 29, 2022 Session Tombak player: Pourya Khorshidi Graphic design and photography: Ali Razmpa Mastering engineer: Abouzar Rounaghi Fard Mix: Kamyar Behbahani Video: Vahid Faghihi (Peykan Studio). Distribution permit via: Avay-e Honar-e Mahna cultural institute Digital/ Online distribution via Noise à Noise Physical and Digital release date: April 29, 2022  

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