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Open-Call 01

Open-Call 01

Open-Call 01:

We invite composers and experimental music artists (also artists in the field of video) to submit their works for the digital distribution of a compilation album that we are considering to publish with the same name (Noise à Noise); This is an open call for artists, and here are a few of terms and consideration regarding the submission:
1. The work should either be completely produced by the artists, or they should be the true holder of its rights
2. The work should not be published (digitally or physically) or to be submitted into another label prior to this open-call (Alternate versions are allowed)
3. Duration of the work should be between 30-seconds to 5-minutes long.
4. The deadline for the submissions is December 13th, 2018, and the works that are submitted after this deadline would not be considered for this compilation album.
5. Although there are a number of guidelines regarding the form of the piece and quality standards (which somehow negates itself in the case of noise), but there are no actual strict rules for the aesthetics in the submission (nor conceptual neither geographical limitations are applied for the artists and their works).
6. This open call is free of charge.
7. Pieces can either be submitted in the form of Wave/ AIFF (Preferably lossless Flac) files, less than 100 Megabytes in size.
8. By submitting the piece, artists permit the label to decide for the publication rights, but he or she will remain as the true owner of the work and will receive loyalties or sales accordingly.

Submit here and stay in touch with the news section of the website for the next days and the release

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