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are the most important part of this job; this is true, not only because we prioritize “Performative Arts”, and not to be concerned about a product and brand in the mainstream sense – and moved by it – but certainly to find the accurate audience and spaces [the context], or to develop a community with the help of active curators in the field.

Because of a long-time established community of visual-artists, like-minded festivals (on Experimental Sound, Film/ Performance/ New Media Arts) and their audience who usually approach such media with this interdisciplinary approach and therefore, such events usually happen in the art-galleries and art-spaces. The events you see on the list are usually co-curated, co-produced and supported by some of our founder-members, frequent collaborating experts on the subject and and our private [independent] collaborating studio-team for live and studio production.

[2020] Live Instagram Performance during the Solar Eclipse

July 21st, 2020
Invitations were sent for the artists who were ready to broadcast live performances on a very special occasion: “A Solar Eclipse”. The schedule includes two sets, before, during and after the Eclipse (The New Moon) – in Tehran. We made it to host artists from different geography (More on saved IGTV clips here).

The performances are considered to be curated as a part of extra album support and promotions for “Noise a Noise 20.2” (Released on June 21st, 2020). Below is the separate line-up for each of the sets:
(Session 1: during the partial eclipse):
Owrang, Sina Shoaie, Leonie Roessler (NL), Bernisaun, Babak Sepanta, Zhoobin Askarieh.
(Session 2: During the New moon):
Sepersa, Ghodsea, Noise Space, Bernisaun, Basar Under (TR), Ali Sasha, EXSICX, andBadador.


[2019] Limited Access 7

“Limited Access” is an independent festival for moving images, sound and performance (since 2007), it started in a small project space called Parkingallery. The festival invites guest curators and collaborates with various institutions and archives across the globe to fulfill its mission to reduce the gap between various fields and to promote interdisciplinary practices.

Noise vs. Noise is the motto; series of A/V performances to present our roster-to-be collaborating artists, curated in collaboration with Amirali Ghasemi, founder-curator in Limited Access Festival; Arman Moghadam, and Dr. Golbon Moltaji were our advisors and label-artists who helped us with curating, coordinating visuals throughout the schedule.

Limited Access Festival 8th Ed. : Noise vs. Noise

Thanks to our collaborators from magazine, Mr. Erfan Dorri and Peyman Bahmani for their essential help with the whole documentation process.

  • Day 1 (Opening) July 26th (Friday)
  • Day 2 July 27th 
  • Day 3 July 28th Free improvisation day
  • Day 4 July 29th Artist gathering (Artist-talk)
  • Day 5 July 30th
  • Day 6 July 31th
  • Day 7 August 1st
  • Day 8 (Finale) July 30th