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Noise à Noise 20.1

Noise à Noise 20.1 (Compilation Album) Noise à Noise Records April, 3rd, 2020. Our first compilation in 2020 'Noise à Noise 20.1' is scheduled for release!

Tehran, Iran — first quarterly album of 2020 is being released on iTunes, Spotify and a lot more major online stores, we are going to release it on Soundcloud a day before to celebrate the vernal equinox and Nowruz (Persian New years eve) and of course on bandcamp. In this album, experimental artists are included that are in a way connected to the community of Iranian experimental musicians or they have performed, developed pieces in relation to the culture in Iran, Studio A have provided the means for mastering the pieces and we are happy to announce the release right during the change of season.

  The artist lineup includes Hadi Bastani (UK), Sohrab Motabar (NL), Hesam Kardan (FR), Alireza Amirhajebi (FR/IR), SONOLOGYST (IT), Owrang (IR), Basar Under (TR), Zhoob Askarieh, Ali Sasha, Ali Taram, Takcharkh, AOMQN, Soheil Soheili and Saturn Cube (IR).