Against all odds, discriminations, wars, killings and whatever unjust.


Catalog of works

We are proud and humbled for publishing a body of  exceptional electronic/ electroacoustic music albums since 2018. Below you can fin a few of records that make use of the term ‘experimental music’ as a way to break-away from the stylistic limitations of conventional compositions. We you ca listen to spoken-words albums and at least one album that employ field-recordings within.

Yet, and until the summer in 2023, we have published a few artist albums (and one EP) in addition to the compilation series since 2019; these first sets include the valuable pieces, including the live-albums by Soheil Soheili and Sina Shoaie duo, Leonie Roessler, Alireza Amirhajebi, Zhoobin Askarieh, Vesal Javaheri, Kian Hossein, Hadi Bastani and Yalda Zamani, Dream House Ensemble. 

RDKPL – Music for Black Sine Wave

Abdali – Music for Black Sine Wave

Music for Black Sine Wave


Noise à Noise 23.2: Persistence

Politics​-​Aesthetics III: Twenty​-​four by Twenty​-​four

Post​-​Orientalism II (For Qanun)

Post​-​Orientalism No. 0

Politics Aesthetics II: Beckett’s Quad Variations

24 Post​-​Orientalism Preludes

Noise à Noise 23: Noise vs. Silence

Politics Aesthetics I: Politics Aesthetics

TWO (Live at tak Theater Aufbau Berlin)


2022 Kian Hossein non-


Kamyar Behbahani and Karim Ebrahimi

Metamorphosis Behind The Curtains Of Time