'Noise Against the Silence' is the motto now...


A Discography to mention here.

We are now proud to host a number of sound-artists, enthusiasts, also established musicians and who are interested to receive label support [on the administrative level] which will indeed happen by simplifying the whole procedure for those active artists who are either practice such works of the art, or they are going to dedicate parts of their future career to an activity in a similar fiend, which [considering different origins of experimental and contemporary music with the mainstream media], usually involves studying in similar disciplines of art or science. 

Yet, we have published a set of EP albums in addition to the compilation series; these first sets include the valuable pieces, including the works of Leonie Roessler and Zhoobin Askarieh and as the end of 2020, and regardless of all the negative impacts on human lives during the outspread of COVID-19, we hopefully made it to published a rough number of 13 disks of compilation albums so far (quarterly since 2019, double-disk albums for some of the recent seasons) and three artist albums. 

Noise à Noise 23: Noise vs. Silence

Politics Aesthetics I: Politics Aesthetics

Hadi Bastani and Yalda Zamani – TWO (Live)


2022 Kian Hossein non-


Kamyar Behbahani and Karim Ebrahimi

Metamorphosis Behind The Curtains Of Time

Dream House Ensemble - Themes And Variations

Themes And Variations

Noise à Noise 21.4

Vol.3, Ed. 3.

Noise à Noise 21.3

Noise à Noise 21.2-1

Noise à Noise 21.2-1

Noise à Noise 21.2-2

Noise à Noise 21.2-2

Noise a Noise 21.1

Noise à Noise 21.1

"NaN 20.4-2"

Noise à Noise 20.4-2

NàN 20.4-1

Noise à Noise 20.4-1

Noise a Noise 20.3-1

Noise a Noise 20.3-2